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    Alye Parusa

    One of the main advantages of our work is the high quality of all dishes. If you want to eat sushi, then you can be sure that we used the freshest products for them, and the recipes are completely original, and not adapted to our realities. We do not put up with the fact that the right products of the highest quality are not always easy to find, our dishes are the BEST SUSHI, and we do not intend to lower the standard. Today many shops offer ready-made sets for making this dish, but if we compare what can happen and what we offer, it is obvious that the ALYE PARUSA SUSHI are the best that has been tried by many people. The menu is one of the main documents for ALYE PARUSA Company and we constantly supplement and change it, offering both novelties and recipes experienced for years.
    Now ALYE PARUSA SUSHI are available in Bishkek!
    You are welcome!
    3rd floor, Asia Mall shopping mall.