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    Сoffee houses (1 floor)
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    Car wash
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    Entertaiment “BROADWAY” Cinema
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    10:00 - 00:00
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    "BROADWAY" Cinema

    “BROADWAY” Cinema is one of the largest cinema complexes of the country with various halls for meeting the needs of any viewer. Our cinema uses state-of-the-art technology based on laser projectors from Belgian company BARCO in addition to high-quality soundtracks from such well-known brands as JBL, QSC, KCS, EV. The technology of the “floating screen” with high-tech processing of the canvas with silver on the big screen is applied to the screen design!
    7 cinema halls are built with maximum comfort for the viewer and increased security measures. Each cinema hall has an additional fire escape. The materials used in the construction and decoration of the cinema of European and American manufacturers have undergone a certain specification for strength and fire resistance.
    The interior is made in the exclusive form of cinemas of the 50-60 years, which makes our cinema more attractive to the viewer. Also there is a VIP hall for the most comfortable viewing with possibility to choose any film at the request of the client.
    A special attention can be paid to the concession area of the cinema – cinema bar, which uses modern technologies for popcorn and pepsi filling, as well as a wide range of different snacks and drinks.